Two cows in a bath tub


One of these days I was talking with my oldest daughter. Hanna is 5 years old. I had this idea of finding some good jokes, just for fun. Jokes that she would like and understand. I was also wondering if there were any for her age.

I found one about two cows in a bath tub. One asked the other to borrow some soap because he couldn’t get his stains off… 🙂

I liked it. But Hanna, she was laughing loudly and clearly enjoyed it. It was real fun. It made me realise how easy it can be to enjoy yourself.

Why I started a blog

A blog feels like a diary.

I don’t need attention – at least not more than someone else.
I don’t use Twitter much, not even Facebook or any other popular social network.
I don’t have a lot of time.
I am not a writer, I don’t feel the urge to publish my thoughts.

But I like to write songs.

A song is a snapshot, and a little later it is a memory. It is great to think back to that moment in my life while listening to a song or reading its lyrics. It makes me relive that moment.

Writing songs was my diary for a long time. Although it has never become an extensive book or available to others, it was worth it for me. I hope I’ll have the time to write more sometimes in the future. And to record them and put them online.

Like a blog.

In the meantime I just write… text. Thoughts and stories. And I hope I will be reading them in a while and thinking: well, it was worth it.