Building a presentation in the WordPress Customizer

In my talk at WordCamp Antwerp 2018, I tried to summarize the benefits of the Customizer for users as well as for designers and developers. For this, I built a presentation in the Customizer.

In this post I am showing you how you can create a presentation using the presentation theme (WordPresent) I created.

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Speaking at WordCamp Antwerp 2018

I found WordPress in 2013. I have created my profile page on February 4, just about 5 years ago. I was new to web design and very happy to be able to use open source WordPress and start creating websites.

I was very much into web design and development, and I still am. The excitement of learning something new was great. Greater than the thought of never being able to really master it. Nowadays, I am more aware of my preferences, but also my shortcomings. I can learn more focused. But I know that I am lacking time go as fast as I would want to. But that’s the reason that…

I am very proud, happy and honoured to be speaking at WordCamp Antwerp on March 3, 2018.

My talk is about the WordPress Customizer and how users and designers/developers can benefit from it. I will try to show the possibilities for creating a customizable website. It’s a lightning talk, so it will be short and focused. Well, it should be, so I better go and practice. 🙂

Hope to see you there!

Update:  Now you can watch my presentation and download the slides. 🙂

The WordPress admin: WP’s strength and weakness

I love the WordPress admin. It is WordPress’ backend, the place where you can take a glance and tweak your site’s content:

  • The dashboard is clearly designed and allows you to see the most important recent changes, the amounts of posts, comments and so on.
  • The list tables containing your blog posts, pages and whatever custom content (portfolio, products, testimonials, …) you have is fairly uncluttered.
  • The admin allows us to manage users and plugins in a relatively easy way.
  • It makes possible to manage navigation menus, widgets and global site data, although I prefer to do a lot of this in the Customizer.

The admin is WordPress’ strength when compared to other well-known content managements systems. But the admin is WordPress’ weakness when compared to modern website creation tools.

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Balancing family life and kids with work

WP Tavern has published a great post about balancing family life, and especially kids, with work and improving your professional skills.

It sounds very familiar! 🙂 I have started to be involved in web development when we were expecting our second child, Noah. 4 years and another little girl (Kato) later, we have 3 children and I am freelancing as a web developer next to a full-time job. We have also just bought a house that needs some serious renovating… Let’s say that time management is essential, I try to use every minute of my day productively. I might write a longer post about this period of my life later… when I’ll have the time! 😉