I’m Csaba Varszegi

Everything is possible, even the impossible.

Mary Poppins

I was born in Hungary, but I’ve been living in Belgium for the largest part of my life. I have a lovely wife, Sarah, and 3 children: Hanna (2010), Noah (2012) and Kato (2015). We live near beautiful Antwerp.

My kids: Hanna, Noah & Kato
Hanna, Kato & Noah
Noah, Kato & Hanna, a couple of years later, but with the same socks

I studied bioscience engineering in Leuven. I work in Brussels as a communication-IT-website-application-something.

I started web development when Noah was born. As a web developer I’m learning every day. And that brings me to the things I like to do in my spare time: building sustainable websites and playing music.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Web development

I love to use semantic HTML, modern CSS compiled from SASS, lightweight JavaScript to progressively enhance interaction. I have written a fair amount of PHP and MySQL, too. And a lot of WordPress stuff. I have contributed to and love to work with WordPress. Recently, I contributed to Twenty Nineteen, the new default theme.

As LittleBigThings, I build mostly WordPress websites and small (JavaScript) applications. I create minimal and easy-to-use little big things to keep our web sustainable.

What I’ve been working on recently

I have contributed to Twenty Nineteen, the new WordPress default theme, that has full support for the new block editor (Gutenberg). That is the theme you are looking at right now.  It is now available for download; give the new editor a try using this theme.I did a presentation about the theme for the Antwerp WP meetup on January 17 and the Hasselt WP meetup on April 1 2019. It was ambitiously called The possibilities of WordPress in Twenty Nineteen 🎉.
You can read a short recap on it here, together with a bunch of links to Gutenberg related stuff.


I have a little blog called Global Warning where I write about the impact of the internet and related technologies on our environment and health.

Of course, I write blog posts about WordPress on this blog. 🙂

Guitar & music

I have been a guitar player for most of my life. I love to write my own music, although I do not succeed making enough time for it. Also, inspiration strikes unexpectedly and rarely. 🙂
So I listen to music a lot. I think Joe Satriani and Andy Timmons are great guitar players, Jef Neve an awesome piano player and Tamino, Cold War KidsPuggy, Muse, Novastar and Absynthe Minded cool bands. I like to listen to jazz while working.

But what about you?

Let me know who you are.