What I’m working on

  • I just launched Kooti that was designed by Studio Maria: a site for two fine people who build lovely tiny houses.
  • I am designing and building a site for CAFYR, a project at the University of Antwerp.
  • I am further optimising the (I dare to say greener) infrastructure I set up in 2020 to launch, host and support WordPress websites. I might write about it sometimes.
  • Working on the story and the brand identity (wow, that sounds professional) of LittleBigThings
  • We launched the English version of Isala, a citizen science project about the female microbiome. The project attracted more than 5000 women to participate, including subscription, mailing, a personal profile, … Soon, the results of the first round will be available. Exciting!
  • Some time ago I launched a site called Global Warning, a side-project to raise awareness about the impact of the internet and related technologies on our environment. This site is the WordPress version of the original site and its pages load in about only 20-30kb to save energy. As always, I am working on blog posts.

In general, I enjoy creating simple, uncluttered websites with a small footprint. I also love contributing to WordPress, or to more than 40% of the web.

What I wrote

Global Warning, a blog about global warming in just a few kilobytes

A couple of years ago, I participated in a contest called 10k apart. The purpose was to build a site that is useable, accessible, compatible with older browsers and can load in less than 10 kb.

Recently, I turned this site into a WordPress website to blog about the impact of the internet to climate change. So, meet the blog Global Warning.

Building a presentation in the WordPress Customizer

In my talk at WordCamp Antwerp 2018, I tried to summarize the benefits of the Customizer for users as well as for designers and developers. To do this, I built a presentation in the Customizer.

In this post I am showing you how you can build a presentation using the presentation theme (WordPresent) I created.

When people talk about travelling to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small. But barely anyone in the present really thinks that they can radically change the future by doing something small.

What I’m reading


The Good AncestorRoman Krznaric

This is the book our children’s children will thank us for reading.

The Edge, U2

We are the weather: saving the planet begins at breakfastJonathan Safran Foer
A book about how changing are eating habits could largely reduce our ecological footprint.


HumankindRutger Bregman
A book about how most people are actually good but we’ve been telling otherwise… This books gives me hope.

Ruined by designMike Monteiro
A book about how designers are the gate keepers and responsible for the things they release into the world.

Sustainable Web DesignTom Greenwood
Tom offers us a practical path to faster, more carbon-efficient websites that are not only better for the planet, but better for our users.

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